Bike Trails in Ocean City, New Jersey

Ocean City, New Jersey has so much beauty and adventure to offer tourists and residents alike. What better way to experience it than riding a bike? Biking is one of the most popular activities in Ocean City, and it’s a great way to spend time with family and friends while having fun and staying active.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, there are trails suitable for everyone. From the beach to shopping centers and everywhere in between, this guide will direct you to some of the best Ocean City bike trails around.

Where to Start

A key component to biking is having a bike, and luckily, there are plenty of places to find bicycles in Ocean City. Wherever you wish to ride, there is bound to be a bike rental or sales shop nearby.

Keep in mind that prices for rentals will vary from shop to shop. However, the average bike generally rents for only $8 for two hours, $17 for a day and only $45 for the week. Most rental shops include helmets, baskets, and locks in the rental cost. Add-ons such as baby seats, tag-along bikes and training wheels are sometimes available for an additional fee. Check out some of these excellent bike rental shops.

Where to Bike

From biking along busy streets to taking rides through scenic areas, there is a wide variety of bike routes to take to discover all the delights Ocean City, NJ has to offer.

Haven Avenue

Haven Avenue is a “share the road” trail. Opened back in the Spring of 2008, this trail was the first in the area to help foster a community that is more friendly for biking. It runs from 9th st. to 34th st. and connects the Transportation Center and Cultural and Community Center. It also provides access to many other attractions, including shopping, playgrounds, ball fields and more. For those who wish to take an easygoing ocean city bike ride to explore, this is the best North-South-bound route to take.


Boasting beautiful ocean views without vehicular traffic, the Boardwalk is a popular route for many cyclists. Stretching for 2.5 miles, distance markers are located every 1/4 mile to keep track of where you are. However, there is heavy pedestrian traffic, especially in the summertime when biking is limited to the hours between 5 am and 12 noon. To fully enjoy the boardwalk bike route, go early in the day.



Howard Stainton Wildlife Refuge

Fans of biking and wildlife can rejoice with this perfect bike route. Winding through 16-acres of natural preservation, the Howard Stainton Wildlife Refuge offers the chance to bike and enjoy nature. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and get the chance to see marshland birds and waterfowl in their natural habitats.

West Avenue

This bike route runs along with vehicular traffic and parked cars. Designed for more advanced bikers with experience riding among traffic, it runs from 12th St. to 55th St. If you choose to bike on this route, you need to take extra precautions. Bright clothing and the use of lights and reflectors are highly advised, especially at night. You should be alert at all times.

Ocean City Longport Bridge

The short distance of this trail might make it seem easy at first glance. This steep trail over the Ocean City Longport Bridge at the North end can be a little challenging but a very rewarding ride. If you ride on this route, you’ll be taken to two wonderful locations. One of them being a popular fishing pier and the other being Dog Beach.

Cyclists can also travel from Longport Bridge to Russ Chattin Bridge, located at the south end of Ocean City. All bicycle lanes on these routes are marked clearly and well-protected from flowing traffic.

Corson’s Inlet State Park

If you wish to enjoy the activities of monarch butterflies, ducks, geese and dolphins during your biking adventures, Corson’s Inlet State Park is the perfect place to go. Sitting on 341-acres of land and located at the southern tip of Ocean City, this is the best route for those who love nature and its inhabitants. You can access the park via the beach at 59th St. and Central Avenue, as well as the bay 1/2 mile south of 56th St. on Bay Ave.

Crook Horn Creek Nature Trail

Experience some of the most beautiful sunsets of Ocean City on this bike route. Offering a multitude of activities, including hiking and fishing, there is something for everyone. This trail can be found at 51st St. and Bay Ave.

Follow These Biking Safety Tips

  • Never ride bikes along sidewalks, which might be prohibited and is always dangerous to riders and pedestrians alike. You may walk bikes on sidewalks if need be.
  • Always stick to designated bike lanes and bike paths and ride single file and use hand signals, bells, or call-outs when passing bikers or walkers. Bikes must always have lights when riding at night.
  • All bikers, including kids, must follow the rules of the road, such as biking on the right side, stopping at stop signs and allowing pedestrians to cross at crosswalks.
  • New Jersey law requires everyone under the age of 17 to wear a helmet while riding a bike on public routes.
  • Always be alert when riding past driveways and other vehicles that may be opening car doors or lack good visibility.
  • You are welcome to park your bike at any one of the bike stands located at several downtown intersections in Ocean City. You should always be sure your bikes are properly locked.

Explore Biking Trails at Ocean City, New Jersey

At Ocean City, New Jersey, there are plenty of trails and beautiful scenery to enjoy a scenic bike ride for both tourists and locals alike. Whether you want to enjoy a peaceful ride on your own or bike with your entire family, you can do it all at Ocean City, New Jersey.

Start planning your visit today to enjoy a beautiful bike ride on our Boardwalk, trails or city streets.

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