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Ocean City Recreation hosts court clinics, tournaments and private instruction for children of various ages and skill levels. Lessons and events are held throughout the summer at the 6th, 18th and 34th street tennis courts. The 6th, 18th and 34th street tennis courts can be rented for play, and throughout the summer clinics, tournaments, and private lessons for various ages and skill levels are available.

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Learn How to Play Tennis

Even if you’ve never played a game of tennis in your entire life, you can still enjoy tennis in OCNJ. Adults can sign up for a tennis court clinic session though Ocean City Recreation and learn all about tennis, from the terminology used during the game to the proper way to hold a racket and hit a ball. We even offer private instruction for children tailored to different age groups and skill levels so they can learn at their own pace. It’s never too early or too late to learn a new mentally and physically engaging skill like tennis.

Family Fun

If you and your family already know how to play tennis or just want to bat the ball around a bit on a tennis court, you can sign up for court time to have a little bit of family fun playing Ocean City, NJ tennis together. You may even meet another family here with a similar skill level to your own and choose to challenge them to a tennis battle. Remember: The family that plays together stays together. If your family or group of friends is large enough, you can even rent out tennis courts and host your own group tournaments to determine once and for all who the true champions are.

Get Competitive

While tournaments with family and friends can be fun, you may be craving more of a challenge. In that case, you may want to try getting competitive at one of our summer clinics or tournaments. Play with others of matching skill levels or challenge yourself by playing against those whose skills are better than yours. If you never stop pushing yourself to the limit, you will never stop improving. Play for the love of the game, but compete for the love of winning.


Fun, social and friendly.

The rules are simple and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-past, competitive game for experienced players.

  • A fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong.
  • Played both indoors or outdoors on a badminton-sized court and a slightly modified tennis net.
  • Played with a paddle and a plastic ball with holes.
  • Played as doubles or singles.
  • Can be enjoyed by all ages and skill levels.

Location: 18th Street and Haven Avenue, 11 outdoor courts and 5 pop-up courts in the Summer season.

Hours of Operation:
Starting at 7:30 a.m. to Sunset


  • Annual Pass: $60
  • 10 Play Pass: $40
  • Weekly Pass: $15
  • Daily Pass: $5

Pickleballs can be purchased at 18th Street. For more information, call 609-525-9307.

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