EcoTourism in Ocean City New Jersey


The City of Ocean City and the Ocean City Environmental Commission invite you to explore America’s Greenest Family Resort. As you explore Ocean City you’ll see some of our successes in energy conservation, with solar panels on public buildings like the civic center and the new library. Many opportunities for fun and exploration are available in a relatively small area. Take the trolley, go for a stroll or ride a bike. You’ll find the summer alternatives to driving are not only environmentally friendly but many times faster and easier.

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Howard Stainton Wildlife Refuge

Ecotourism in OCNJ is alive and well, and if you are interested in seeing it firsthand, then a visit to the Howard Stainton Wildlife Refuge is a must. Here you will find the waterfowl and marshland birds enjoying their natural habitat. During the spring and summer, you can witness the hunting patterns of the Least Tern and Black Skimmer, while the fall is the best time to watch the migrating shorebirds. This ecotourism site is open daily from dawn to dusk, but it is most enjoyable in mild weather. The bird watching is hindered during storms and particularly cold days.

Crook Horn Creek Nature Trail

The Crook Horn Creek Nature Trail may not seem like much at first, as it is the remains of an old paved road that runs along an old railroad line, but the beauty it beholds is nothing short of glorious. Be sure to pack your bug repellant and plenty of sunscreen for your trek down this trail. After a long day of hiking or biking on the Crook Horn Creek Nature Trail, be sure to stop by the bay to look out over the water and enjoy a truly beautiful Ocean City, New Jersey sunset.

Corson’s Inlet State Park

Witness the migration of dolphins, geese, ducks and butterflies at Corson’s Inlet State Park, or just take a relaxing day off to enjoy a little bit of fishing at one of the most peaceful Ocean City, NJ ecotourism spots. With 341 acres of undeveloped land to be explored, the possibilities of what you might see here are endless. From wildlife and marine estuaries to sane dunes and shoreline overwash, this park is home to breathtaking scenic beauty. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, boating or simply laying on the shore and sunbathing, there is something for everyone at Corson’s Inlet State Park.

Bayside Center

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t enjoy the ecotourism in OCNJ just because the weather isn’t cooperating. The Bayside Center is an indoor museum featuring ship models, lifeguarding memorabilia, environmental displays and a to-scale collection of Ocean City’s historical buildings. No matter what the weather is like outside, the environment of the Bayside Center is always welcoming and educational.

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