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The Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce works to stimulate trade and create a prosperous climate for business growth and development in the Greater Ocean City area.

The Chamber helps over 500 member businesses generate business, maintain visibility, create contacts, and grow. The Chamber also serves as an information hub for year-round residents and visitors. We employ a full-time team to answer over 35,000 telephone inquiries per year and refer consumers to Chamber members … all in an effort to keep Ocean City New Jersey one of the top-rated shore towns in the country.

Ocean City, NJ - America's Greatest Family Resort

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Are you ready to plan your next trip to OCNJ? Now is the time to reserve your room at one of OCNJ’s selection of spacious accommodations. Explore our real estate and hotel options, and discover why Ocean City, New Jersey is America’s Greatest Family Resort!

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Visitor’s Guide

The Ocean City Visitor’s Guide provides information on Ocean City accommodations, dining, activities and events.

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