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Weddings & Groups

The hundreds of thousands of people who visit OC each year provide a testament to Ocean City’s exciting and entertaining atmosphere. But what makes OC so special? Sharing memories with family and friends.

Celebrate your wedding with the gorgeous ocean as your backdrop. Or suggest Ocean City as your next family reunion destination. Use these pages to learn all you need to know about bringing groups to the Island.

Ocean City has tons to offer groups of all sizes. You’ll want to choose OCNJ for your event, too, because it offers:

  • Top-notch professional services — The local artists, florists, photographers, venues, hotels, rental companies, printing professionals and DJs help create out-of-this-world Ocean City, NJ beach weddings, and other celebrations.
  • Something for everyone — Every age group can enjoy coming to Ocean City. From toddlers to octogenarians, visitors can do exactly what suits them best.
  • Safe and comfortable fun and relaxation — Ocean City, NJ is a safe, comfortable place to rest and recharge. For decades, it’s been a beacon for groups who just want a private place to make memories. Not only are the beaches clean and the Boardwalks secure, but there’s also always something going on.
  • A unique vibe — The Ocean City vibe is like no other city’s! Ocean City, NJ has an exciting, authentic feel to it. The seven miles of shoreline provide a pristine, gorgeous place for creating unforgettable moments with loved ones.
  • Fun shopping and delicious food — Shopping is around every corner, and so are delicacies thanks to a wealth of eateries. Stomach rumbling? Just head out the door, and you’ll be satisfied in no time! Want to look for memorabilia? Walkthrough the downtown and window shop to your heart’s content.

Plan Your Events With OCNJ

Come to the island of Ocean City, NJ for all of your weddings and group events. There’s nothing like an ocean backdrop to make you feel as if you’re truly in paradise.

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The Ocean City Visitor’s Guide provides information on Ocean City accommodations, dining, activities and events.

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