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Few other coastal cities can claim to be the kind of family vacation destination that is Ocean City, New Jersey. Families from across the country and around the world flock to Ocean City every year to enjoy themselves at the best family beach vacation spot on the East Coast. When you are looking for that next great place to take the family on vacation, Ocean City, NJ can offer an affordable and enjoyable experience for you and your whole family.

In the late 19th century, four ministers founded Ocean City as a resort town and camping area. Since then, OCNJ has remained the premier destination on the Jersey Shore for vacationing families. Thousands have adopted Ocean City as their annual getaway, and look forward to returning all year long. Many of our visitors remember coming to Ocean City since their childhood, and have continued the tradition of staying in OCNJ with their own families. Beach vacations to the Ocean City shore are an indelible part of many vacationers’ summer plans.

The beach in Ocean City draws hundreds of thousands of visitors every summer, who flock to the shore in the blistering heat to cool down in the ocean or lounge in the sand. Restrooms and comfort stations are located at regular intervals and are easily accessible from the shore. Eight miles worth of shoreline gives different sections of the beach distinct characteristics.

Towards the north end of the island, near the Great Egg Harbor Bay, the beach is usually quieter and more subdued than in other places. Further south along the middle of the island, the Boardwalk provides the backdrop and the buzz for two and a half miles, where most beach-goers can be found on a hot summer day. The southern part of the shore features fantastic sand dunes and rare seabirds that inhabit Corson’s Inlet State Park at the southernmost end of the island. Fishing and nature walks remain popular activities along the southern coast of Ocean City.

The Ocean City Boardwalk separates OCNJ from other resort towns. The diversity of shops, stores, rides, and restaurants is unlike anywhere else, and there is never a dull moment on the Boardwalk during the summer. As a “dry” city, no alcohol is served on the island, and alcoholic beverages aren’t permitted on the Boardwalk or the beach. Families from up and down the coast make a point of visiting the Boardwalk to ride the roller coasters at one of two amusement parks, grab a bite to eat at one of our award-winning restaurants, or play a round of miniature golf. The Boardwalk is sure to make your vacation the best family beach vacation it can be.

Every Thursday in July and August, the Boardwalk vendors provide free live entertainment on every block as a way of saying thank you to the community and vacationing guests. Family Night remains one of the most popular events during the summer – the range of entertainment means there’s something for the whole family to enjoy.

Ocean City, New Jersey, hopes you will visit our island on your next family beach vacation. However long you choose to stay – a weekend, a week, a month, or even longer – you won’t run out of great things to do around the island.

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