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Enjoy a Family Vacation in Ocean City

Thousands of people from across the country choose Ocean City, New Jersey as their family vacation destination each year, and with good reason. Ocean City has achieved a proud reputation as one of the leading vacation spots with dozens of activities and amusements for adults as well as kids of all ages.

During the summer, nearly one million people will pass through Ocean City, New Jersey. When they visit, they find a welcoming community with all they need to make their stay memorable and enjoyable for the whole family. With no shortage of things to do on and around the island, Ocean City, NJ offers unique experiences you can’t find at other family vacation destinations.

The beaches at Ocean City stretch eight miles down the coast. Pristine white sand and rolling surf give the Ocean City shore its unique character and are ideal for families and groups in need of a relaxing day on the beach. The city strives to keep our island’s beaches clean, safe and family-friendly, so vacationers of all ages have a great day every time they come to the beach.

From the last week of June until the end of the summer, lifeguards are stationed at regular intervals along the shore to protect beachgoers in the ocean. You can find a list of guarded beaches here so you can plan your family’s next trip to Ocean City, whether it’s for the day, a week, a month or all summer long.

The beach isn’t the only thing that makes Ocean City, NJ the perfect family vacation destination. The famous Ocean City Boardwalk is a hub of activity in the morning, throughout the day, and at night. Bikers and joggers get their daily workouts on the Boardwalk in the morning, and beachgoers will find plenty of clothing stores, beach shops and places to eat to stock up for their day at the shore.

The Boardwalk is lined with stores and shops of all kinds, as well as restaurants, amusement parks, arcades, and live entertainment. Miniature golf courses with unique themes are popular with families in search of a fun activity for the kids. The two amusement parks on the Boardwalk provide old-fashioned entertainment with an assortment of classic thrill rides and roller coasters.

Beyond the options of the Boardwalk, Downtown Ocean City offers over 100 unique shops, restaurants and galleries. Asbury Avenue shopping district or “the avenue” is the ideal spot to find your perfect souvenir, pick up some groceries or simply explore the many options. After a day of browsing the Downtown shops, you can find a delicious meal from the wide selection of Downtown restaurants that are open year round.

The waters of the Great Egg Harbor Bay on the opposite side of the island support a thriving ecosystem that is perfect for boating, fishing, kayaking, nature walks, and other outdoor activities. Rental equipment is available from a number of local shops where you can find fishing rods, kayaks, small boats, and whatever else you need for your outdoor activities.

When you’re looking for a place to stay in Ocean City, plenty of hotels, rental houses, condominiums, and campgrounds means you have tons of options when selecting your accommodations. Hotels on the Boardwalk are located in the heart of the community, and most of the other hotels and motels are often no more than a few blocks from the ocean. Browse through our business directory for listings of the many Ocean City hotels and motels.

Plan Your Next Trip to OCNJ

Make Ocean City, New Jersey your family vacation destination for the season and find out why so many families have made OCNJ their choice for a relaxing, pleasant and affordable getaway. There’s much more to discover, so be sure to plan ahead for your next vacation to Ocean City, NJ.

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