Where to Shop in Ocean City
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Where to Shop in Ocean City, New Jersey

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OCNJ is host to one-of-a-kind, find-it-no-where-else shopping. Most shops are family-owned and feature homemade foods or novelty items. Visit the Boardwalk or Downtown for a special family shopping experience.

Go Shopping in Ocean City, NJ!

If you’re looking for places to window shop, grab some deals and pick up beach memorabilia, you’ll love Ocean City, NJ. In fact, for some visitors, Ocean City, NJ shopping is one of their favorite activities. There are quite a few retail hotspots along the seven miles that encompass Ocean City, including:

  • The Boardwalk — You can discover a wealth of stores just by strolling along the Boardwalk. From T-shirts and jewelry to novelty items you won’t see anywhere else, there’s absolutely something for everyone. Forgot to pack something in your rush to get to the beach? No problem. Chances are good that you’ll find a perfect replacement somewhere along the Boardwalk.
  • Downtown — Ocean City, NJ has a thriving, bustling downtown district. You’ll find plenty of shopping opportunities thanks to various retailers including mom-and-pop shops that have been mainstays of our town for years. Not only is the downtown a clean, safe place to go for a morning, afternoon or evening, it’s also laid out efficiently and is walkable. Go from store to store and see what’s new.


Come Downtown and find a variety of unique shops, restaurants, galleries and exciting events. Open Year Round!

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The Boardwalk is full of family attractions, events, and shopping. Shops feature resort wear, vacation essentials, and novelty items.

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Stop for a Bite to Eat While You’re Shopping

Need a quick pick-me-up so you can continue your Ocean City, NJ shopping experience? The Boardwalk and downtown areas are brimming with restaurants offering all kinds of delectable treats. Grab a coffee and pastry or an old-fashioned snow cone and you’ll be recharged, ready to continue looking for take-away items to remember your OCNJ vacation.