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Biking in OCNJ

Rules To Follow

Bike riding along the world-famous Ocean City Boardwalk and down our picturesque city streets is a pleasure many vacationers and area residents enjoy. Knowing — and following — the rules of the road assures improved safety for all travelers, bikers, drivers and pedestrians alike.

Ride on the Right

Bike riders must stay as far right as possible at all times when traveling Ocean City streets. When making a left turn, however, riders can proceed left and use the appropriate left-hand-turn signal.

Exceptions for avoiding debris and other obstacles are also allowed. It’s also okay for a biker to move left when passing a slower vehicle or when traveling alongside another rider.

Bike riders must stay in single file if there is traffic, however. Riding in the same direction as vehicular traffic is required at all times. Riders must abide by the same laws as automobile drivers do — and that includes not riding bikes on the sidewalk, which Ocean City police routinely enforce.

Biking the Boardwalk

If you’re excited to bike along our beautiful, world-famous Boardwalk, you’re not alone! As the most popular attraction in Ocean City, the Boardwalk is home to numerous shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, amusements and other exciting sights.

You can take a day to explore the Boardwalk on your bike — but make sure to check the summer season biking hours first. On some days, rules prohibit bikers from riding after 12pm, while on others, staying out until 5pm is possible.

In general, during the high summer season, bikers can ride the Boardwalk until noon. Bikes are never allowed on the Boardwalk during evening and nighttime hours, and they must stay inside designated biking lanes.

Helmet Laws and Important Tips

The State of New Jersey requires every person under the age of 17 to wear a helmet when riding a bike on streets. Although Boardwalk bikers need not abide by this important safety law, helmets are recommended.

If you plan to ride your bike on the street at night, the bike must have a light. Pay attention to parked motorists who may suddenly open a car door and always lock your bike, even if you plan to store it in your garage. Unlocked garages are magnets for bike thieves, and you may be responsible for replacement costs if your rented bike is stolen.

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