Best Family Vacation Spots in the U.S.

The United States is a wonderland of sorts for family vacations. There’s something for every family, regardless of the type of climate, activities, or travel time they’re looking for.

Consequently, brainstorming family vacation ideas can be challenging with so many options available. To help out, we’ve provided some of the best family vacation spots below, all of which impress in their own ways:

best family vacation spots in the us

Ocean City, NJ

As Jersey native and legendary musician Bruce Springsteen said, “Anyone who’s grown up or lived on the Jersey Shore knows the place is unique.” Indeed, the shore is a great family friendly place to visit, with easily accessible beaches being the main draw. Families also enjoy flocking to the boardwalks at Seaside Heights or Point Pleasant, where there are many rides, arcades and delicious food stands.

ocean city, nj - great family friendly place

Perhaps the most acclaimed boardwalk in Jersey is the Ocean City Boardwalk, with the city itself offering everything imaginable, from the beach to mini-golf. It’s a perfect fit for fun-loving families who want to escape to the Jersey shore.

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Washington, D.C.

If history is more your family’s thing, it’s hard to beat the nation’s capital. D.C. is a treasure chest of history for parents and kids alike, with a wide assortment of very engaging museums – many of them free – to visit. The National Mall, with its memorials and museums, is a great place to start, allowing parents to bask in rich history and kids to marvel at the towering monuments. The National Cherry Blossom Festival every April is also recommended for all ages.


walt disney world, fl

Walt Disney World – Orlando, FL

It’s rare that a kid won’t want to go to Disney world. Almost every kid has grown up with Disney movies, so the prospect of seeing their favorite characters up close is very enticing. Disney World is more kid-centric with all the rides and assorted characters, though parents can enjoy the wide assortment of food available, as well as children’s activity centers and in-room day care for a potential night out. The Anaheim Disneyland location is an idea for families as well.

Williamsburg, VA

History-buff families may also want to head straight from D.C. south to Williamsburg, Virginia, where they can see some of the country’s most historic places. Families can ride the Jamestown Ferry and check out Colonial Williamsburg for a blast from the past. If history becomes too tiring, they can visit nearby Water Park Country USA or Busch Gardens for some water slides and roller coasters, respectively.

natural destinations

National Parks

national park tour in general is a fun way for families to plan a vacation.

The Grand Canyon

Revel in the wonder of the Grand Canyon and enjoy the natural adventures the National Park has to hold.

Yellowstone National Park

The world’s first National Park, Yellowstone, sits gracefully in Wyoming, where lakes, geysers and dramatic mountain peaks adorn the landscape. Be sure to visit Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the multi-colored Grand Prismatic Spring. Families can check out the erupting geysers and multicolored grand prismatic spring for some truly awe-inspiring moments. This trip has some of the best eye candy families can see.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite features nearly 1,200 square miles of natural landscapes with gobs of activities, from hiking and camping to mountain climbing and rafting. Take in the natural wonders by hiking Glacier Point and camping in the National Park. Its a perfect National Park for adventure-seeking families.

City Trips

If your family wants to go on a city adventure, check out some of these cities.

Chicago, IL

Chicago, features historic architecture, multiple sports stadiums, a variety of free-admission museums and deep-dish pizza, of course.

San Francisco, CA

San Fran touts plenty to do, from wonderful cuisine to the grandiose Golden Gate Bridge, beautiful Golden Gate Park and plenty to do outside, like biking the mountainous terrain.

Colorado Springs, CO

Not many places have more photo ops than Colorado Springs, within the state that inspired “America the Beautiful.” Natural beauty abounds at Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods, with beauty so stunning all ages will have their jaws dropped.

These locations all offer plenty of fun opportunities for families seeking a great vacation. From beautiful sights and activities to theme parks and museums, they provide a multitude of great times and memories.

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