As the bride, you are going to be the center of attention on the day of the wedding, so naturally you want to look and feel your best. Don’t settle for an Ocean City, NJ salon just because it’s close to the venue or the cheapest option you can find. Choose your salon based on how much you like your hair style trial run, how comfortable you feel with your stylist and how well they fit into your budget.

Do a Trial Run

Practice makes perfect, and salon trial runs are a stylist’s chance to practice your wedding hairstyle and makeup so when you walk down the aisle on your special day, you look picture perfect. A good stylist will make sure you are happy with your final look, but a great stylist will make sure you fall in love with your final look. When you find the Ocean City, NJ salon and stylist that makes you fall in love, book your appointment.

Get Comfortable

Choose a salon for your wedding in OCNJ based on how comfortable you are with their stylists, and you will save yourself a bit of stress on your wedding day. Make sure your stylist is experienced enough to give you hair styling suggestions and tips based on your hair length, texture and body, and make sure they’re comfortable working with your skin type and complexion. Find a stylist whose suggestions don’t make you feel like they’re trying to control your personal desires, but rather are coming from a place of care and compassion for your wishes.

Stay Within Budget

You don’t have to choose the cheapest salon in OCNJ for your wedding day, but be aware of each salon’s pricing policy. Make sure before you even do a trial run that you can afford the wedding day services. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a stylist or salon and not being able to book them for your special day because they don’t fit within your budget.

Divine Images Salon & Day Spa

  • Address:

    719 E 11th St, Ocean City, NJ 08226, USA

  • Phone Number: 609-399-5000

Elizabeth Eve Salon

  • Address:

    612 East 8th Street, Ocean City, NJ, USA

  • Phone Number: 609-398-8755

OC Nail Studio

  • Address:

    640 Asbury Avenue, Ocean City, NJ, USA

  • Phone Number: 609-391-1818

The Beehive Studio

  • Address:

    616 Asbury Ave, Ocean City, NJ 08226, USA

  • Phone Number: 609-391-1288

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