Brass Financial Group LLC

Brass Financial Group LLC

Brass Financial Group

Welcome to Brass Financial Group, Brass is a family owned private lending business that lends nationwide with over 30 years of experience, located right here in Ocean City NJ.

As a private lender Brass just looks at the property, not your personal income, job history or debt to income ratios, we are also much more lenient with past credit complications than traditional lenders.

Brass is recognized Nationwide for their creative No Income Mortgage loans which makes qualifying for a mortgage loan much easier then what traditional banks and mortgage companies are able to provide with some of the most competitive loan terms available in today’s financial markets.  Brass also closes in days, not months! 

In addition we also offer Fix & Flip loans where we’ll not only finance the purchase of a property, we finance 100% of the entire cost to complete the renovations!

Brass also offers traditional mortgages for primary homes and is a direct lender for Conventional, FHA , VA and USDA loans..

 Regardless of what loan product you may be interested in, Brass has you covered!