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Family Beach Trips in Ocean City, NJ

In Ocean City, NJ we take pride in being known as “America’s Greatest Family Resort,” and we’re dedicated to fulfilling the high expectations of every family or group who visits. A truly unique island, Ocean City boasts one-of-a-kind attractions and natural features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Ocean City, NJ offers popular destinations for family beach trips on the East Coast and in the country as a whole. Whether you visit just for a day, a weekend, a week, or longer, you will find plenty of activities and things to do with the family from lounging on the beach or exploring the Boardwalk, to fishing in the bay or taking a boat ride.

What To Do in OCNJ

Ocean City is located within a short driving distance of many major cities and other vacation destinations. We’re just a half hour drive from Atlantic City, 45 minutes from Cape May, about an hour and a half from Philadelphia, and only two hours from New York City. On any given day, thousands of visitors and beach-goers travel to Ocean City for a great day at the beach.

From the last week in June to the end of the season, lifeguards are stationed at designated intervals along the coast to ensure everyone remains safe. In the off-season, a smaller number of beaches are guarded and open to the public. During the summer, our Ocean City beaches are fully staffed with lifeguards, first aid emergency personnel, and city employees managing the local sports facilities and public areas. We take great strides to ensure the safety of vacationers, and we do not cut corners where safety is concerned.

The Boardwalk in Ocean City is the perfect complement to a relaxing day on the beach. For decades, the Boardwalk has been a tradition for countless families, many of whom have been visiting its shops and stores since they can remember. During the summer, the Boardwalk provides a hub of activity for everyone in town. The variety of shops, stores, souvenir vendors, restaurants, and many attractions lend a classic feel. The Boardwalk rides, water parks, live music venues, and miniature golf courses provide a full day’s worth of fun for the whole family.

In the early hours before the crowds hit the beach, bikers and joggers get an early-morning workout on the Boardwalk which has convenient quarter-mile markers to keep track of progress. More activity begins to pick up in the early afternoon, as vacationers hit the sand, and families begin to arrive for an enjoyable day on the beach.

In the afternoon or evenings, use Downtown shopping as a break from the beach. With over 100 stores, galleries and places to eat, the Downtown shopping district provides entertainment beyond the Boardwalk during your visit. The unique venues you’ll find lining Asbury Avenue are open year-round for enjoyment at any time.

Dozens of hotels, motels, rentals houses, and condos are located within just a few blocks of the Boardwalk and the beach. Please browse our business directory to see the wide selection of lodging options where each option has its own unique style and amenities. Frequently rated some of the best values in the country, the accommodations in Ocean City are unrivaled among resort towns on the coast.

Don’t hesitate to plan your next family beach trip to Ocean City, New Jersey to experience everything our wonderful town has to offer. Community events and programs are ongoing throughout the summer, so be sure to check our events calendar to pick the best time for your visit.

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