Weddings in Ocean City

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Clothes & Accessories

Your OCNJ beach wedding would not be complete without some authentic Ocean City, NJ wedding clothes. Whether you're looking for a cheeky and custom newlyweds' shirt or a simple OCNJ sweatshirt to memorialize the occasion, our downtown and boardwalk shops have got you covered. Literally. They have everything you need to make your wedding day the special and memorable occasion you have always imagined. Deck out your entire wedding party in wedding clothes from OCNJ for a few unique pictures to add to the album.

Rehearsal Gear

You don't have to dress up and be fancy for your wedding rehearsal, especially if you're having a beach wedding. Instead of just throwing on whatever is closest to you before the rehearsal, though, you may want to think about wearing some threads with OCNJ plastered all over them as an homage to your wedding location choice.

Wedding Wear

While you may want to wear something a bit more traditional for your actual wedding, that doesn't mean you can't get a little silly with your choice in undergarments or jewelry. Choose some fun Ocean City, NJ wedding clothes to wear under your traditional wedding clothes and enjoy your private little secret all day long. Grooms can wear Ocean City boxers while the bride wears a cute anklet sporting OCNJ initials.

Festive Reception

Get a little wild and crazy during your wedding reception — after all, you are at the beach! Encourage your guests to loosen up a little, too, with festive wedding clothes from OCNJ. Whether they sport the OCNJ initials or simply light-weight beach clothes bought in town, your guests will be more comfortable dancing the night away in these options rather than suits and ties.

Honeymoon Apparel

Show off your wedding destination pride by wearing some true Ocean City, NJ wedding clothes on your honeymoon, whether you are celebrating in town or out of the country. Make sure everyone you come in contact with knows you're a newlywed and that you proudly took that leap at none other than Ocean City, New Jersey.

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