Ocean City Amusement Park

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Just because you've decided to spend your family vacation at the beach doesn't mean you have to spend your entire vacation beached. Grab your family and your sense of adventure, and check out boating activities for kids in Ocean City, New Jersey. The options to get you out onto the water and experiencing the waves first-hand are endless. Whether your idea of a great day on the water involves a leisurely ride on the calm waters of the bayside or a deep-sea adventure complete with ocean waves, we have the perfect Ocean City, New Jersey kid-boating excursions for you.


Get up close and personal with the wildlife of the open waters when you take a sightseeing excursion in OCNJ. Watch the whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. You can even take this unique opportunity to teach your children about the importance of recycling to keeping the earth healthy and clean for these and other animals.


Jump right into the action when you take your kids on a fishing charter trip. Whether they have never been fishing before or it's one of their favorite pastimes, they will love getting out on the open water, casting their reel and seeing what they can catch.

Wave Runners

Sometimes people forget that water sports equipment like wave runners and parasailing ships are also referred to as boating equipment. If you're looking for a boating for kids option in OCNJ with a bit more excitement, check out one of the many tour operators in town that specialize in the high-powered, high-adrenaline water sports options.

Pirate Voyage

Ocean City, New Jersey kid boating is epitomized with Pirate Voyages. This experience provides kid-friendly entertainment by knowledgeable crewmembers that will make your kids feel as though they are real pirates scavenging for treasures deep in the sea. Parents don't need to worry, though — since the ships never leave the back of the bayside and have a 100% safety rating, your little ones will never be in any real danger.

314 Bay Avenue
Ocean City, NJ 08226
244 Bay Ave.
Ocean City, NJ 08226