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2015 Night in Venice Results

On July 11, 2015 the City of Ocean City hosted the annual Night In Venice Parade. A beautiful evening set the scene for a fun night full of decorated boats and themed parties. The scores have been tallied and below you will find a full breakdown of the 2015 Night In Venice award winners. 
A new fan favorite contest asked folks to share their photos through social media, using the hashtag #OCNJNIV. The fan favorite winner is the Coluzzi Family #22. They will receive an Ocean City Gift Basket.
All Night In Venice winners may pick up their prizes at the City Hall Welcome Center, ground floor, 9th & Asbury Ave. – Hours: Mon. – Sat. 9am – 7pm, Sun. 9am – 6pm.

                                                      2015 Night In Venice House/Condo Winners

Zone 1

            1st Place: Hornyak – Gatsby’s Gala

            2nd Place: Mulhall – Under The Stars

            3rd Place: Carozza – Shall We Dance

            3rd Place: McGowan – We Live In A Zoo

Zone 2

1st Place: Gabriel – American Pharoah

2nd Place: Thompson – Racing Under The Stars

            3rd Place: Fainelli – Comic-Con OC 2015

            3rd Place: DuBois – Dancing With The Star Wars

Zone 3

1st Place: Kelly – Everyone is a Star

2nd Place: Knisell – 50’s

Zone 4

            1st Place: Kull – Party With A Hero

            2nd Place: Leach/Walker - Bay’varian Biergarten

Zone 5

            1st Place: Thornton – Under The Sea in OC

            2nd Place: Tomasello – Pirates in OC

            3rd Place: Quirk – It’s Not Just A Rainbow Anymore

            3rd Place: Schwarz/Del Guercio – Brokeopoly

Zone 6

            1st Place: Pawley – Big Baybies

            1st Place: Smith – Jaws 40th Anniversary

            2nd Place: Arena – Dancing Under Patriotic Stars

Zone 7

            1st Place: Miller – Starry Eyes

            2nd Place Severino – Anchored in OC

Zone 8

            1st Place: Markert/Finnegan – Dirty Dancing In OC

            2nd Place: Dorney/Hicke – Dance With Me Ballroom

Zone 9

            1st Place: Maxwell - Disney

            2nd Place: Hoffman – Rock Stars

Zone 10

            1st Place: Sutera – Pirates of Sunset Passage

            2nd Place: Church – Square Dancing Under The Stars

            3rd Place: Brand – Top Gun

Zone 11

            1st Place: O’Flynn – Dancing Under The Star Wars

            2nd Place: Edmiston – Edmistonia Tribe Pow Wow

            3rd Place: Pellegrino – It’s  A Lilly Day By The Bat

            3rd Place: Cordell – OC Rocks

Zone 12

            1st Place: Votta – Don’t Worry Be Happy

            2nd Place: Paul – Black Affair  5th Wedding Anniversary

Zone 13

            1st Place: Coluzzi – The Great Coluzzi

            2nd Place: Van Stone – Irish Eyes Are Smiling on OC

            2nd Place: Van Krieken – 100th Anniversary ‘Act to Create The Coast Guard’

Zone 14

            1st Place: Marina Mews – Dancing Under The OC Stars


Night in Venice Boat 2015 Winners

Best Decorated

            Under 25’

            1st Place: #221 Spongebob Squareboat

            2nd Place: #206 False Alarm

            Over 25’

            1st Place: #217 North Star

            2nd Place: #224 Teal

            3rd Place: #205 Duke O’Fluke

Most Original

            Under 25’

            1st Place: #229 The Three Captains

            2nd Place: #219 Rocking & Reeling

            3rd Place: # 218 Reel Happy

            Over 25’

            1st Place: #207 Family Fisherman

            2nd Place: #232 Diablo

            3rd Place: #231 Miss Ocean City


            Under 25’

            1st Place: #201 3 C’s

            2nd Place: #209 Helen of Troy

            3rd Place: #227 The Cobbfather


            Over 25’

            1st Place: #208 Full Moon Too


            Under 25’

            1st Place: #214 Kiki

            2nd Place: #210 H H

            3rd Place: #202 Alexandra Rose

            Over 25’

            1st Place: #228 The Keeper


            1st Place: #226 The B’s Boat

            2nd Place: #211 Inheritance