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Senate Immigration Bill S.744.


Please take the time to reach out to your elected representatives to express your concerns. Though this bill will have no impact on this summer and winter, future seasons will be negatively impacted if the bill currently under consideration is passed.  


*   Click herehttp://cqrcengage.com/ciee/home  for contact information for your members of Congress 


Timing is critical. Please click the link above and take action today by calling and emailing your representatives' offices to let them know you oppose key provisions of the current Senate Immigration Bill S.744 that could end the Summer Work Travel (SWT) program. 



Below are some key points about SWT to help guide your communications: 


The Basics 

    *   Summer Work Travel is an educational and cultural exchange program and important public diplomacy tool. 

    *   This program comes at no cost to the taxpayer. Students' fees to the sponsoring organization fund the staff and infrastructure required by the State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to ensure the health, safety, and support of all participants. 


The Bill 

    *   Eliminates the ability of Department of State-designated program providers to collect fees for services. 

    *   Creates a new $500 per-participant tax on program providers to fund border protection. 


The Impact on Your State and Your Business (use this in your email and conversations!) 

Each year, New Jersey welcomes more than five thousand SWT students into local businesses and communities.  Eliminating the SWT program would have a huge ripple effect throughout our state's economy. 


Each year, I hire (number of people hired) SWT participants in my business to help supplement my staffing during peak seasons. The SWT program increases the exposure of my local staff to the countries, cultures, and customs of our exchange visitors. 


As it currently exists, Bill S.744 will eliminate the Summer Work Travel program. This would result in a huge ripple effect throughout the state's economy.  


Elimination would: 

Reduce the amount of time my business can remain open. SWT students help to supplement staffing when American seasonal workers are not available (e.g. when college students are in school). 

Reduce my staffing levels during peak seasons, limiting the number of customers I can serve. 

Reduce growth in the local economy. The majority of wages earned by SWT program participants go back into the local economy for rent, food, entertainment, and retail purchases. 


Further Action 

After contacting your elected representatives we encourage you to talk to others who will be impacted by this bill, such as other seasonal businesses. Feel free to forward this email to them.