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December 10, 2009

Now Is the Time to Tell Congress to Oppose Damaging Aspects of Health Care Reform

As the U.S. Senate debates health care reform, New Jersey employers continue to voice their concerns and opinions since the final product will impact every business. Small and large companies, not-for-profits, associations and chambers of commerce all agree reforming the health system is necessary to control costs, improve quality, reform insurance markets and create a streamlined, simplified marketplace to purchase insurance.

However, bills in both the House and Senate both fail a simple litmus test – they will not improve the current situation and will, in fact, make it worse.

A new study by Oliver Wyman Inc. concludes the current bill being discussed by the Senate will increase premiums for both employers and employees. The study, highlighted in the Wall Street Journal on December 5, predicts that the Senate health care bill will drive up premiums by 54 percent for individuals and by 20 percent for employers over a five-year period above and beyond the expected increases in premiums if there was no reform at all.

Tax increases to pay for reform initiatives, employer mandates, and minimum coverage will hurt both employers and employees.

Despite the passage of the House health care bill and current debate in the Senate, Congress can still amend these flawed proposals.

Please click here to send a letter to Congress now telling them to oppose reckless reform that will raise taxes, kills jobs and increase costs. http://capwiz.com/njchamber2/issues/alert/?alertid=13601811&type=CO&show_alert=1