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Five unique contests not offered anywhere else in the world except in Ocean City.See story below…

Wacky But Not Tacky!

OCEAN CITY, N.J. ---- Five weird contests presented with impeccable taste will be featured in Ocean City Aug. 17-21.

Weird Contest Week, whose motto has always been and will always be “Wacky But Not Tacky” features a series of unusual competitions starting 11 a.m. at the Music Pier, Boardwalk and Moorlyn Terr.

The contests are spread out over five days so as not to over-dose the population in weirdness, notes City Public Relations Director, Mark Soifer.

Entry is free in all contests and there are categories for all age groups. Prizes are awarded.

On Mon., Aug. 17 events kick-off with Salt Water Taffy Sculpting. Participants are asked to create works of art from sticky but pliable taffy provided by Shrivers on the Boardwalk. Past entries have included a unicorn, ferris wheel, eyeglasses and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

French Fry Sculpting is scheduled for Tues., Aug. 18 and Pie Sculpting for the 19th Sun bursts and Elvis have emerged from French fries while bathers and boats have been chewed from pies as well as numerous indescribable globs. The French fries are provided by the Promenade on the Boardwalk and the pies by TastyKake.

On Thurs., Aug 20th., events take a physical turn with Wet T Shirt Throwing. Entrants are handed a very damp T Shirt and invited to toss it as far as they can over the sand.

Friday, Aug. 21st features the Mister and Miss Miscellaneous Pageants plus Little Miss and Little Mister Chaos. Miss and Mister Miscellaneous is for those who have always wanted to compete in a talent pageant but perhaps missed the bus or were detained at a rugby match. Winners are selected for their offbeat talent routines and outrageous costumes.

The Little Miss and Mister Chaos contests are open to tots from 3 to 5 years. The events test their abilities to bang on pots and pans, jingle bells, scream in delight and generally create a racket.

For information, contact the Public Relations Office (609) 525-9300.