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Shhhhhhhhhhhhh - Quiet Festival Evetns Range From Paper Airplaine Making to Pin Dropping Contest

The world’s only Quiet Festival will feature events ranging from paper air plane making to the world’s first Pin Dropping Challenge, Nov. 11-15 at this family resort and community.

The unique event began ten years ago due to perceived demand for a laid back celebration to complement the beautiful fall season here. Such features as the Yawn Along and Maple Pod Drop, the world’s first and only Wind Chimes Band, Leaf Squeezing, Sea Shell Listening, Feather Dropping, Kite Flying, Cloud Appreciation, Quiet Concerts, Silent Movies, Poetry Readings have been established as standards.

In addition, the celebration has spawned a slightly pro-active organization, the National Association of Tired People, NAP, whose mission is to tone down the noise, clutter and hassle of every day living and promote quiet, natural pastimes like nature walks, pet petting and of course, napping.

The Quiet Festival begins 3:30 p.m., Wed., Nov. 11, when Paper Airplane enthusiast, Ken Thorpe, visits the After School program at the 8th St. playground building. Thorpe will show youngsters how to make paper airplanes and fly them. If there’s time, he’ll conduct a paper airplane flying contest. Ken, a licensed pilot, will repeat this program at the Ocean City Tabernacle, 5th and Wesley Ave., 4 p.m., Thurs., Nov. 12 for after school youngsters.

On Fri., Nov.13 at noon, the inspirational Yawn Along and Maple Pod Drop is set for in front of City Hall, 9th an Asbury Ave. Yawn Alongers will be accompanied by the tinkling of the World’s Only Wind Chimes Band as they yawn to the tune of Beautiful Dreamer.

At 12:30 p.m. Nov. 13 all are invited to join Quiet Festival enthusiasts for a subdued Dutch Treat Luncheon at the Chatterbox, 9th and Central Ave. No chattering or boxing will be permitted. NAP officials will quietly discuss the benefits of joining their organization. Membership is free.

At 2 p.m., Nov. 13, the Quiet Festival will visit the Ocean City Primary School for a folk singing session with Ted Prior’s Band, Early Morning Reign. There will be an appearance by Doug Jewel, the Quiet Pirate, who will demonstrate his Yo-Yo skills. Trash Buster, the Canned Crusader and City’ Environmental Symbol, will sing Stand by Your Can to promote anti littering and recycling.

On Sat., Nov. 14 at 11 a.m., quiet festival enthusiasts are invited to gather in front of the Music Pier, Boardwalk and Moorlyn Terrace, for a Chime Along with the Wind Chimes Band. Participants can either bring their chimes and join in or just listen. The band will play from its unique repertoire including Jingle Bells and Brother Can You Spare a Chime.

At 11:30 a.m., Ocean City will unveil the world’s first Pin Dropping Challenge in front of the Music Pier. Here’s how it works. Bring your quietest safety or straight pin. Flick it from a 4 ft. table. The pin will land on a metal plate. If your pin makes a very quiet ping or click (less than 6 tenths of a decibel) you’ll win a Pin Head of the Year Award. The contest is free.

At 2 p.m. on Saturday, Early Morning Reign travels to Wesley by the Bay, a retirement center, for a program of classic folk music. Non residents are welcome but must make reservations, call 609-525-9300.

On Sun., Nov. 15, you’re on your own. Go fly a kite, take a nature walk, read a book watch the football game with the sound turned off.

For information, call the Quiet Ones, 609-525-9300.