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Consul Zaldy Patron from the Philippine Consulate General in New York visited Ocean City  today to discuss conditions in the Philippines including Ocean City’s sister City, San Jose Occidental Mindoro. Additionally, he discussed on-going aid options and thanked Ocean City for its continuing concern and support.


A Press Conference was held to:

1. Show that we care about our Sister City and the Philippines and are doing positive things to help.

2. The purpose is also to give Deputy Counsel Zaldy Patron (he is now second in command at the consulate) the opportunity to bring us up date on the situation in the Philippines and our sister City San Jose Occidental Mindoro and to bring him up to date on what we are doing, and to have him tell us the best place to channel funds as he has given us many options.

3. One of the functions of the Consulate is to provide the media and communities with as much information as possible about the situation in the Philippines. This press conference gives Zaldy that opportunity.

4. What are we doing?

    (1) Organizations like First Night and the Shaut's Craft Shows have already said that they will donate money to the Relief Fund.

    (2) We are in the process of planning a fund raising WALK with the Atlantic County Philippine Organization

    (3) We are planning a new event in March, the Mr. Mature America Pageant for Men over 60, proceeds from that event will go to the Food Cupboard and the Philippines.

    (4) We have never charged exhibitors at the Philippine Trade Exhibition in July for display tables. We will now charge $50 a table with that money going to the Relief Fund. We will also make it possible for visitors to the Exhibition to make voluntary donations to the fund.

    (5) With the advice of the City and the Consulate we will determine and publicize the place to send funds for the relief effort. Donations may be sent to OCNJ. CARE, PO Box 807, Ocean City, N.J. 08226 to be sent to the Philippines. Checks will be made out to the charity designated by the Consulate.