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This resort’s annual Pamper Scamper, an exciting and humorous baby crawling race, is set for Tues., August 11 at 9:30 a.m. on the 6th St. Beach. Registration is at 9 a.m. The event is a prelude to the City’s 100th annual Baby Parade on Thurs. August 13.

Babies,15 months and younger, are placed in the middle of a silk parachute on the sand. The first to crawl off the parachute into its mother’s waiting arms is declared the winner. Moms kneel at the edge of the parachute frantically waving trinkets, Teddy Bears, and various favored objects in an attempt to get their entries to move.

Often they don’t but chatter in baby talk with their competitors. If one gets up and walks, he or she is immediately disqualified. Only crawlers can win this race.

The contest begins with everyone singing the Pageant’s theme song to the tune of Baby Face: “Baby Race! We’ve got the cutest little Baby Race, In this place, Aren’t they all so pretty, Here In Ocean City? Baby Race, The Ocean’s wetter and the boardwalk’s better here… So come on you’all, And watch our babies crawl! In Ocean City’s Baby Race!”

The event is sponsored by the Ocean City Recreation Department with prizes donated by Ocean City merchants. Entry is free. For information call 609-525-9300.