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On Ocean City Boardwalk Offers Futuristic, Interactive Family Fun

New indoor attraction features laser obstacle course, alien-themed mirror maze and fast-paced Time Freak game suitable for all ages

OCEAN CITY, NJ (June 27, 2016) – Walk through the doors at Encounters on the Ocean City Boardwalk and you enter a world of super-spy challenges, perplexing mazes and adrenaline-boosting excitement.

Mark Benevento, President of Adventure Golf South who also owns the Haunted Golf and Congo Falls mini-golf courses on the Ocean City Boardwalk, said he saw an attraction like Encounters in Monterey, CA and knew he had to bring it to Ocean City.

“We wanted something exciting and different – something the whole family can enjoy,” said Benevento. “With three separate experiences, it’s fun for all ages, gets people actively engaged and creates great memories. It's the first of its kind on the Boardwalk.”


Enter the attraction and the alien maze of mirrors beckons, where thousands of reflections transform the twisting path into a mystifying labyrinth with surprises along the way. The maze also features two themes, a family-friendly theme and a "PG-rated" theme with intense music and scary aliens.

The Space Vault laser maze features a web of green lasers that flicker into view, daring anyone with ninja-like flexibility to make their way through a series of checkpoints without tripping the alarm. Players can choose from four difficulty levels, from easy to the nearly-impossible expert level.

If contorting yourself around crisscrossing lasers doesn’t thrill you, try Beam Breaker, a child-friendly version of the game that invites players to break the laser beams as quickly as possible.

After each laser course is completed, participants get to see how their time compares against other players, and can post or share a video of their attempt directly to social media.

In a 21st-century take on the classic "Whack-a-Mole" game, players in the new Time Freak game square off against each other in the arena to compare lightning-fast reflexes by smacking an increasingly challenging series of lighted buttons.

“The remarkable thing about each of these attractions is they can be adapted for the individual,” Benevento said. “With adjustable difficulty settings and a choice of friendly or scary aliens, we can customize the experience. It’s designed to be inclusive.”

Visitors will be able to purchase admission to all three Encounters attractions or try each one individually. A discounted combination ticket that includes the nearby Haunted Golf mini golf course is also available. For more information, visit EncountersMirrorMaze.com.


Mark Benevento, owner of the new ‘Encounters’ family fun attraction on the Ocean City Boardwalk between 9th Street and Moorlyn Terrace.

2016Laser Vault 

Kenny Carson of Northfield negotiates the Space Vault laser maze at "Encounters" on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

time freak

Nick Rabey of Northfield plays the new Time Freak game at "Encounters" on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

2016 alien

One of the "friendly" aliens awaits guests at the new "Encounters" mirror maze where thousands of reflections line the walls of Ocean City's latest family fun attraction.