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National Assn. of Tired People (NAP) Elects Mark Soifer, President

News From the Quiet Festival

City Public Relations Director, Mark Soifer, has been elected the first president

of the NAP, the National Association of Tired People, an organization he founded three years ago but was too exhausted to do anything about until now. NAP is a sponsor of the City’s annual Quiet Festival, a celebration of silence, relaxation and natural things set for Nov. 14-16.

In accepting the presidency, Soifer, 76, cited his experience. “I’ve been tired for about 40 years now,” he said. “I feel uniquely qualified to represent the millions of tired folks in this nation and the world.”

Soifer will unveil NAP’S agenda at a rally in front of City Hall following the Quiet Festival’s First Annual Wind Chimes Symphony on Sat., Nov. 15 at 11 a.m. He will appear amid a shower of Maple Pods as supporters sing his campaign’s theme song, “NAPPY Days Here Again.”

Topics he will quietly touch upon include The Joys of No Noise or Decimating the Decibel, the Power of Positive Napping, Fracturing Fatigue, Good Tired-Bad Tired and Get a Pet-Adopt a dog or cat. He will also discuss why NAP opposes the screaming on TV reality and talent shows and the ear shattering Coming Attractions at the Movies.

NAP’s Mission, he says, is not just to criticize but to offer positive solutions and relief for “Tirednissy”. “Tiredness or Tirednissy is not funny” he says, “but it can be relieved by humor and by other methods.” Always the PR guy, Soifer notes that a vacation in Ocean City is a perfect anecdote for wiped out citizens.

Soifer will introduce his vice president and cabinet members during the rally. He will also unveil NAP’s new T Shirt and there will be a group singing of Stand By Your Can, Trash Buster’s theme song, to underscore NAP’s commitment to recycling. Trash Buster, the Canned Crusader, is the City’s environmental symbol.

There are no term limits on the NAP presidency, “You serve until you get tired of the job,” Soifer says.

The Quiet Festival begins on Fri., Nov. 14 at 11 a.m. with a Yawn Along to the Tune of Beautiful Dreamer in front of City Hall, 9th and Asbury Ave. Maple Pods will be tossed above the Yawners heads and spin dramatically to the ground like soundless, tiny helicopters. Programs will be held at the Primary School, at Wesley by the Bay and for After School children at Cornerstone Ministries. An open mic poetry reading is set for 7 p.m. at the Ocean City Free Public Library, 17th and Simpson Ave.

For a complete list of Quiet Festival events and more information on NAP, contact the Public Relations Office, City Hall Annex, 901 Asbury Ave., call 609-525-9300.