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Martin Z. Mollusk Seeks Shadow for 36th Time

Aging Hermit Crab Creeps On!


OCEAN CITY, N.J. --- There’s a slight limp in his hind claw and sometimes he forgets where he’s left his spare shell, but that will not stop Martin Z. Mollusk from seeking his shadow for the 36th time this Thursday on Ocean City sands.

The annual event is set for May 6th at 11 a.m. on the beach opposite the Music Pier, Boardwalk and Moorlyn Terrace.

For those unfamiliar with weather prognostication lore, if Martin sees his shadow, summer comes one week early to Ocean City. Martin has been correctly predicting the arrival of summer for 36 years, a long time for a crustacean that ages 6 years for every one of ours. And there are detractors among the populace who declare that the pesky crustacean is no longer up to the task.

“Tish Tosh!” declares Mark Soifer, Martin’s spiritual advisor and chef. “Thanks to a healthy diet of stale pizza crust and tepid swamp water, plus frequent injections of searoids, Martin is doing just fine. He now resides comfortably in an assisted living condo cage at Old Salt on the Boardwalk where the young ladies who run the store take very good care of him.”

Martin has always insisted on much hoopla the day of his creep. This Thursday will be no exception. Martin will be brought the beach by a retinue headed by Ashley Shaffer, Miss New Jersey, as the Ocean City High School Band under the direction of Donna Schwarz plays an inspiring rendition of Pomp and Circumstance. Other luminaries in the retinue include Big Mama Llama from Bready Farms who nods her head if Martin sees his shadow, Inspector Clue Slow, who verifies the sighting with a magnifying glass and Shelly, the Mermaid, Suzanne Muldowney, who leads in the singing of Martin’s favorite song, “Some Enchanted Morning.”

She will be accompanied by Elvis performer, Ted Prior, who warms up the throngs with such favorites as “You Aint Nothin’ But a Hermit Crab. Trash Buster, the City’s Canned Crusader, will clear the beach of any litter and sing his theme song “Stand By Your Can!” Members of the World’s Only Wind Chimes Band will perform and there will be other surprises.

And how about this! Martin will be ferried to the beach on a new throne valued at $7.95 designed by the world’s leading hermit crab throne designer, Ray Esterlund.

The Public Relations Office of the City urges everyone to take off work and join the celebration. The office will provide excuse notes for all who attend to placate employers. If you want more information, and we can see no reason why you would, call the Big Crab at 609-525-9300. ##########