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Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce was honored to hold a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new Ocean City business on Memorial Day Weekend.

Along with owners Jody and Randy Levchuk and their families, Jill Levchuk, with her husband Paul by her side, cuts the ribbon at Jilly’s Candy Factory, 1040 Boardwalk. Mayor Jay Gillian, Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Michele Gillian, Chamber President David Allegretto, Ocean City Councilman Bob Barr, Ocean City Councilman Pete Madden, and Ocean City Councilman Keith Hartzell were all on hand to welcome and celebrate the new business.


Jilly’s Candy Factory is the newest addition to Jilly’s Stores. Jilly’s Arcade opened in 1976 and is their flagship business. Jilly’s Candy factory is their 9th location and now adds a variety of delectable treats to their diverse businesses that include T-shirts and casual clothing, French Fries, and ice cream.

Visit them at 1040 Boardwalk or online http://jillysocnj.com/jillys-candy-factory/.