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The Miss Crustacean Hermit Crab Beauty Pageant, an event eagerly awaited by crabs and their best friends alike, is set for 1 p.m., Wed., Aug. 5th at the 6th St. Beach.  Entry is free. Registration starts at noon on boardwalk between 5th and 6th Sts.

The contest is sanctioned by NASCRAB, the National Assn. of Crab Activities at the Beach, an Ocean City Organization. Several years ago OceanCity was contacted by Virginia Beach, Va. asking permission to run a similar event and was granted a franchise.

Past winners of Miss Crustacean include Crabopatra, an exotic Egyptian Crab, Copa Crabana, a sultry show girl crustacean, Crab Salad, Taxi Crab and Pirates of the Crabibbean.


The winner waddles down a flower bedecked runway while adoring throngs sing “Here It Comes, Miss Crustacean.”  She is also awarded the Coveted, Cucumber Rind Cup, a loving cup with a cuke stuck in the middle.  A cucumber provides a year’s supply of food for a hermit crab, according to some nutritionists.

Miss Crustacean has been a Question on Jeopardy, named one of the ten outstanding events in the country by U.S. News and World Report, been featured on London TV, translated into Japanese, German, Spanish and other languages and discussed throughout the world on radio.

It has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and many Sunday supplements and magazines plus the Nickelodeon TV network, NBC, ABC, and CBS TV.

The Pageant is followed by the King of Klutz Hermit Crab Races. Crabathletes compete on an eight foot plywood oval.

The world record time of 3.6 seconds was set by Hermie 30 years ago. Hermie has long since departed to that Great Hermit Tree Crab Sandbar in the Sky, but his record remains as an inspiration to all contestants. A bugler from the Ocean City Pops Orchestra sounds the call to the starting gate for every heat.  A cake dish cover serves as the starting gate and all heats are timed.

Crabathletes should register at 1 p.m. Celebrity guest will be Suzanne Muldowney who leads the throngs in singing “Here It Comes Miss Crustacean.”

All Crabs are tested for Searoids prior to the race and disqualified if they are found to be searoidish.

IMPORTANT:  Absolutely no painting or gluing of objects on Crabs shells will be permitted. Contestants will be briefed and given information about how to care for hermit crabs.

 For Information, contact the Public Relations Office, 609-525-9300 or (609) 399-6111. ############