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Frankenstein, the world’s most famous monster, will visit Ocean City this October.

The appearance is made possible by actor-artist Ron MacCloskey who has gathered the most extensive collection of Frankenstein artwork ever shown at a single venue. It will feature some of the country’s most famous artists and illustrators.

The exhibit will be displayed the month of October in the atrium and adjacent area of the Ocean City Free Public Library, 17th and Simpson Ave., and serve as its Halloween gift to the community.


The Frankenstein image, made famous by movie legend, Boris Karloff, has been prominent in drawings for over 80 years, notes MacCloskey. It has been used in single panel cartoons, comic strips, greeting cards, advertisements, stamps, political cartoons, Halloween decorations, record album covers, and even lottery tickets.

“You will be amazed about how artists have taken this one kind of look and used it over and over again, but always with a different point of view,” says MacCloskey, who has been an avid collector of Frankenstein memorabilia since he was seven years old.

In conjunction with the viewing, “Jeepers Creepers… It’s Boris, Karloff,” a tribute show dedicated to the life and career of the actor, will be performed on October 25th (Frankenstein Friday) at the Library. The show will feature MacCloskey, his daughter Rachel along with video clips. The same presentation received critical acclaim when it premiered at Lincoln Center in 2011.

Mr. Karloff had a renowned career that included film, radio, television, the stage and Broadway as well as recordings. He won a Grammy and was nominated for a Tony. Karloff was one of the founders of the Screen Actors Guild and was regarded as a kind and generous man and a talented actor.

The original story of Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley 116 years ago when she was just 18. This makes her the youngest teenage author who has never had a book out of print. In her novel she hardly described the look of the monster. This left it to three talented movie men, director James Whale, make-up artist Jack Pierce and Boris Karloff to create the image that lives with us today.

Some of the artist/cartoonists who will be represented with their versions of Frankenstein include Wiley Miller of Non Sequitor, Tom Wilson creator of Ziggy, John McPherson, Close to Home, Joe Martin, Mr. Boffo, Mike Peters, Mother Goose and Grimm, Don Piraro, Bizaro cartoon, Gary Larson, The Far Side, Dana J. Summers, Bound and Gagged, Dave Blazek, Loose Parts, Mike Scott, editorial cartoonist, and Basil Gogos, the artist who drew many of the famous Monster of Filmland Magazine covers.

A total of 25 artists will be represented along with interesting memorabilia including advertisements, greeting Cards, Movie Posters, Postage Stamps, puzzles, CD Covers, political cartoons, album covers and cereal logos all featuring Frankenstein.

Gogos will visit Ocean City during the exhibition to receive the Franky Award presented each year to someone who has paid tribute to Boris Karloff and/or continues to add to the Frankenstein legend. The award was created by MacCloskey. Previous recipients include writer/actor Gene Wilder, make up genius, Jack Pierce, Monsters of Filmland’s James Warren and actor Bela Lugosi. Gogos will receive the award during the show in October.

For information, call 609-525-9300.