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Earlier today city staff attended a meeting at the Cape May County Office of Emergency Management to review and discuss new “Preliminary Work Maps” developed by FEMA. FEMA considers these maps the best available flood hazard data and, once released, they will replace the Advisory Base Flood Elevation (ABFE) maps that were issued in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.


Mayor Jay Gillian commented: “My staff will be reviewing these maps and the data behind them in the coming days. Our preliminary review has confirmed that virtually all of the properties place in the “V” zone” on the ABFE maps have been returned to the “A” zone on the new maps. Many of the required elevations have been reduced as well. That is welcome news and removes a great deal of uncertainty and confusion for homeowners needing to rebuild. We were certain that the ABFE maps were based on incomplete data and were seriously flawed for Ocean City. The release of the preliminary work maps confirms that.”

The City contracted with Atkins NA, a nationally known coastal engineering firm, to assist with data gathering and review of FEMA’s maps.

Ocean City homeowners can view the updated maps at FEMA's region two website (www.region2coastal.com).

For further assistance, please call the City of Ocean City at 609-399-6111.