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Ralph's World? What is this place? Where did it come from? It's a zany place where the girl next door has a dinosaur and a man named Ralph makes a living singing silly songs for the smaller set. It's a fun place where kids and their folks can rock out and sing along to cool, catchy tunes like the Monkeys," "Gitarzan," "At the Bottom of the Sea," "Folsom Daycare Blues," or "M-O-M-M-Y Needs C-O-F-F-E-E."

Guess what? Ralph's World is coming to the shore - the Jersey shore! - Wednesday, Aug. 5, at the Ocean City Music Pier for a 4 p.m. concert that benefits the Wetlands Institute's program at the Bayside Center. Tickets are just $12 for kids and $15 for the grownups who drive them.

For the uninitiated, Ralph's World is the creation of indie rocker, now a "kindie" rocker, and songwriter Ralph Covert. Formerly a front man for The Bad Examples, a popular Chicago band, Covert brings the same high energy and McCartney-esque, super-melodic approach to children's music. Now he sets a good example for kids with songs with upbeat lyrics and pop melodies that parents can also appreciate. His critical acclaim includes The New York Times, NPR, Parents Magazine and a Grammy nomination.

Get your tickets in advance at www.ocnj.us or at the Music Pier box office, Moorlyn Terrace on the Boardwalk.