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OCEAN CITY, N.J. --- “Crabby Rice,” will sponsor Ocean City’s Miss Crustacean Hermit Crab Beauty Pageant set for 1 p.m., Aug. 6th at the 6th St. Beach. The deal was sealed during a meeting between Mayor Jay Gillian and Emily Arentz, area marketing manager for Lundberg Family Farms, located in the Sacramento Valley of California.

Impressed? You should be. Lundberg has been farming rice and producing rice products since 1937. Now led by its third generation, Lundberg Family Farms uses “organic and eco positive farming practices to produce wholesome, healthful rice products while protecting and improving the environment.” Crabby Rice is its newest product.


And here’s the kicker! In 2001, Ms. Arentz, then a teenager, entered her pet crustacean, Crablantis, in Ocean City’s renowned Pageant. We say “renowned” because the event has been a question on “Jeopardy.” And only a few weeks ago, the City’s Crabby events were bantered about on “Wheel of Fortune.” Ms. Crustacean has received world wide publicity over the years.

To get to the point, Crablantis won! She waddled down a flower bedecked runway during the coronation ceremony while throngs of admirers sang the Pageant theme song, “Here It Comes, Miss Crustacean.” The crab was then awarded the coveted Cucumber Rind Cup, symbol of Crustacean Comeliness. Ms. Arentz still has that Cup and brought it with her recently when she met with the Mayor.

“I worked with Lundberg to create Crabby Rice because our region is known for its savory foods, but there wasn’t a healthy, organic option available,” said Arentz.

“I thought the Crabby name would be fun and really appeal to customers in the Philly and Jersey Shore area. Plus, no crabs were harmed in the making of this product as it is Vegan. We believe Crabby Rice and Miss Crustacean are a perfect fit.”

Crabby rice, which has a tasty, “Chesapeake Bay” style flavoring, will be available in July from Natural Food stores as well as regional supermarkets.

The deal was also approved by NASCRAB, the National Assn of Crab Activities at the Beach, which sanctions the Pageant and Hermit Crab Races. NASCRAB also distributes information about how to care for Hermit Crabs at all of its events.

For more information, call the City’s Public Relations Office, (609) 525-9300, after hours and on weekends, (609) 364-4010.