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Over 300 vintage cars will be featured in this City’s Antique Auto Show set for Sat., June 27 at the Tabernacle Grounds, 6th and Asbury Ave. The show runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is followed by a Boardwalk Parade from 6th to 14 Sts. Admission to the show grounds is free.

The event has been held here for 53 years and is sponsored by the local chapter of the Antique Automobile Association of America and the City. The show is directed by David Blyer who took over direction of the event from his late father, David Blyler, Sr. and Herb Godfrey, Sr.

It features an array of vehicles including Model A and Model T Fords, antique military vehicles and cars of just about every make and model over 25 years old. Blyer notes that the event also showcases exotic antiques such as Rolls Royces, Corvettes and others.

The cars are judged and prizes are awarded to the owners of the most outstanding vehicles. Visitor may take photos of the unusual cars but are asked not to touch them without the owner’s permission.

Refreshment are available on site from the Ocean City Rotary Club.

For information call Dave Blyer at 609-432-5347.