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A Very Consistent Crab - Hermit Crab Seeks Shadow for 35th Year in Ocean City, NJ

Martin Z. Mollusk, Ocean City’s relatively famous hermit crab, will attempt to see his shadow for the 35th time on Thurs., May 7 at 11 a.m. His yearly creep will take place on the Moorlyn Terrace Beach opposite the Music Pier amid much pomp and circumstance.

Music is the theme of the upcoming extravaganza. The World’s Only Wind Chimes Band, very critically acclaimed for their recent appearances at Ocean City’s Doo Dah Parade and Earth Day, will perform. The relatively talented ensemble will introduce Ode to Martin Mollusk, a three minute symphony for Wind Chimes.

“This alone is worth the price of the free admission,” notes Mark Soifer, Martin’s spiritual advisor and chef. “It is the first and only symphony ever composed for Wind Chimes by the talented but elusive Ocean Breeze.”

The Ocean City High School Band will play Pomp and Circumstance as Martin is ushered to the beach by Elvis Performer, Ted Prior accompanied by Suzanne Muldowney, aka Shelly the Mermaid, Underdog and numerous other characters. Prior will sing “You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Hermit Crab.”

Muldowney’s big moment will come when she leads the throngs in singing the Pageant’s theme song, “Some Enchanted Morning, You May See a Tree Crab, You May See a Tree Crab across a Crowded Beach, etc.”

But wait, there’s more! Others in the entourage will include Inspector Clueslow and Trash Buster, the City’s environmental litter picker-upper. Trash Buster will make sure the beach remains spotless for Martin’s Creep.

Clueslow will assist Big Mama Llama of Bready Farms in Tuckahoe who authenticates the proceedings. If the Llama shakes her head it means that Martin has seen his shadow and summer will come one week early to Ocean City. Inspector Clueslow checks with his magnifying glass to verify the Llama’s decision.

Martin has been very consistent. Over the past 34 years, he has seen his shadow 33 times. Once, he saw a partial shadow and sure enough summer arrived 3 ½ days early.

Martin insists on complete silence during his creep so he can concentrate on casting a shadow. Therefore there will be no texting or twittering (birds excepted) during the proceedings. All cell phones must be muted, vibrators may be turned on to alert spectators in case of emergencies but no conversations will be permitted.

For information, call 609-525-9300 and ask for the Big Crab.