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The newly crowned Miss Crustacean will meet and greet her well wishers and pose for photos Wednesday evening, Aug. 5 following the 1 p.m. Pageant at the 6th St. Beach.

Because the pageant is held in the day time, many Crustacean enthusiasts can’t convince their bosses to let them off from work to enjoy the inspiring hoopla. Now they will have the opportunity to meet the new Miss Crustacean from 7 to 9 p.m. in front of the Music Pier, Boardwalk and Moorlyn Terrace on Aug. 5th.

The 2009 Queen of Crabs and runners up will greet their fans with warm beady eyes and pose for photos.

“This Elite Meet and Greet will be a unique treat that can’t be beat!” rhymed pageant officials. “It will be fab to pose with a crab and it’s all free! How lucky can you be? Whoopee! Whoopee!”

The rollicking Hermit Crab King of Klutz races are also held on Aug. 5 following the Pageant. The new King, always an outstanding Crabathlete, is also scheduled to be at the The Elite Meet and Greet.

For information, contact the Big Crab 609-525-9300.