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2nd Annual Business Summit

The Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Center for Regional and Business Research at Atlantic Cape Community

College held their second annual Business Summit on October 21, 2008 at the Tabernacle. The summits are designed to gather input from a broad representation of the resort's business community concerning business conditions over the past 12 months and to share practices that have worked to improve performance.

The results of a business survey and focus groups conducted by the Chamber are used with available econominc indicators to evaluate conditions and changing trends. In 2008, merchants reported improved peak summer business, tourists from a wider geographic area and younger visitors than in past years. In addition, many have chosen to proactively increase their marketing efforts in the face of higher energy costs and a slowing economy, a strategy that brought positive results. The summit's participants agreed to continue to market the resort as a quality destination close to home for millions of potential visitors.

The Business Summit was moderated for the second consecutive year by Dr. Richard Perniciaro, the Director of the Center for Regional Business Research.