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Whether cooking is a passion or simply a means to an end, getting the job done right means having easy access to the ingredients you need. Ocean City is home to numerous markets and grocery stores whose products will have your mouth watering in delight in no time.

316 Roosevelt Blvd.
Marmora, NJ 08223

Seafood and Specialty Items

What better time to prepare a fresh seafood meal or appetizer than when visiting Ocean City, where fresh fish and shellfish are readily available and fairly priced? Check out the in-season seafood options in OCNJ, where creating a fabulous lobster Thermador or the ideal baked clams is easy. Make your guests’ mouths smile in anticipation when they see the incredible seafood dishes you’ll prepare in Ocean City!

Convenience Items

Not every meal requires a high-quality presentation, gourmet ingredients and hours of preparation. When something quick is all that’s required, visit our convenience food businesses and pick up something fast that will satisfy your hunger. From freshly-made sandwiches to hot coffee to sweet treats and more, our convenience food markets will have you satisfied and strolling in no time at all.

Pastry and More

Is there anything that says special more than a delicious pastry or baked good prepared with loving care? In Ocean City, you can bring the goodness of freshly baked desserts and breads home with products from our pastry shops. Sample your favorite confections, or create a platter of everything you desire — when it comes to satisfying a vacation sweet tooth, Ocean City has everything you need.

The Basics and Beyond

Even locals need to go grocery shopping, and when they do they patronize Ocean City’s market. Explore locally grown produce, the freshest meats and pantry staples from cereal to canned goods. Keep your kitchen stocked and your family’s tummies full with products from our markets, where customer satisfaction is the top priority!

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