Compass Spa and Karina Yanku Healing Arts Reunite 7/3-7/7



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Compass Spa and Karina Yanku Healing Arts Reunite

to Bring Sound Healing Back to Ocean City, NJ from July 3rd through 7th

New York, NY, June 7, 2013 - Back by popular demand, Compass Spa and Wellness hosts the return of musician, massage therapist and sound healer Karina Yanku for a four-day extravaganza of massage, rhythm and sound from July 3rd through 7th.

Karina Yanku, the creator of OANAMassage® rhythmic choreographed massage is looking forward to bringing her unique cache of healing arts to ocean city.  Although she is New-York based, Yanku cherishes the lasting friendship she and Compass Spa owner Monique Bottalico have kept over the years, and enjoys her annual visits to Ocean City.

“Monique and I met in back in March 2002, when I had briefly relocated to Philadelphia from New York City to help my sisters care for my parents who were suffering from Alzheimers”, Yanku reveals.  “The situation was very stressful and sad, so at the time I didn’t know how long I’d be there, or whether or not I would even return to New York.  So I had given up my private practice there, and was going through the processing of building a private practice in Philadelphia.  I was poking around the website for the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, and sent out an email blast for collaborative spa owners and colleagues in the wellness industry.  Monique responded and invited me to visit Compass Spa in Ocean City, and we’ve been friends ever since.  Monique is very progressive and passionate like me, and has always been very supportive of anything new I’m working on.  So once a year, I make an annual pilgrimage from New York down to Ocean City with my ever-growing cache of unique healing modalities.”

Two summers ago, Compass Spa hosted the debut of OANAMassage® to the residents of Ocean City, as well as tourists.  It was so well received that people have started scheduling their vacations around her annual visits!  And Yanku credits Monique’s enthusiasm and support for providing a local platform to showcase her unique offerings to those outside of New York City.

During July 3rd through the 7th, guests of Compass Spa and Wellness can choose from Yanku’s unique selection of therapies including:

OANAMassage®– Rhythmic, choreographed massage with it’s own transcendental musical score that matches every massage stroke.  Designed to help with right/left- brain synchronization, balance, coordination, memory and sleep.  Described by many as passively participating in a slow, graceful dance.  A truly magical massage experience.

OANASongs – Choreographed massage to your favorite classic rock, R&B, reggae and country songs.  175 slow- to mid-tempo songs to choose from.   Choose one song as an add-on to your massage, of a full hour of songs (approx. 10-13 songs).  For a full listing, go to

Acupressure with Tuning Forks – The utilization of traditional tuning forks and colored lights on acupuncture command points helps to release energetic blockages within your physical and etheric body (aura).  Great for people who are feeling exhausted, fragile, extremely stressed, or recovering from illness or injury.

Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) – Developed by Norwegian physicist and musician Olav Skille, VAT uses low-range frequencies converted to vibration through bass transducers underneath a massage table, which are transmitted to your body systems (nervous, muscular-skeletal, and blood) and experienced as an “inner body massage.”  As you lay on the table, a gentle undulating wave of vibration carries you into a deep state of relaxation. VAT imitates the intrauterine vibrations felt during the 9 months in the womb, a time of vital growth and cellular creation.

To schedule your appointment with Karina Yanku during July 3rd through the 7th, contact Compass Spa and Wellness at 609-399-9136 or email  Session fees during this time will correspond with the pricing structure used by Compass Spa and Wellness (  Compass is located at Beach Block 803 E. 8th Street, Ocean City, NJ 08226.